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Whether you are a small business looking to plan your future growth strategy, or a larger business launching a new online product, we can assist you in taking a moment to pause and plan the way forward.  We can help you with the full planning cycle: from defining a vision and strategy, to designing the plans that will drive its execution and engaging in the delivery itself.


Our commitment doesn’t stop at the delivery of a high level strategy (unless you want it to), we won’t shy away from rolling up our sleeves and working with your team to get things done.


Here are some of the areas we can assist you with planning:



Digital strategy and online presence


Do you want to ‘digitalise’ your business, embrace the potential offered by the internet, and leverage social media, but aren’t sure where to start?

We will take the time to understand your business, its key drivers and its competitive environment. We will discuss your vision and how you envisage translating the core of your business into an online proposition. We will evaluate your needs and recommend a solution tailored to your requirements.  

We can even support its execution, if you want us to.


E-commerce enhancements and optimisation


Is your existing website not delivering the results you are expecting?

We will conduct an audit of your site, and dive into your metrics to identify drop off points, hurdles in your customer journey, and areas which might be harming your conversion. We will look at the competitive landscape and extract best practices relevant to your particular business.  We will talk to your team to understand existing plans and roadmaps, challenges and constraints. And we will make tangible recommendations for enhancements and optimisation. 


International expansion plans and team building


Are you considering expanding your online business into new markets? Or do you want to optimise your existing international operations?

We have experience managing online products across multiple cultures and territories, from EMEA to the US, LatAm and SEA. We can help you evaluate which markets to enter, how best to establish a presence in these markets and how to structure in-market resources. We can also audit your existing international operations and recommend enhancements to existing work flows, processes, communication channels and local structures.


New product launch and go-to-market strategy


Are you about to launch a new online product or service? Do you need help with devising a successful go-to-market strategy?

Developing outstanding products or services is not enough to guarantee their success. Even great products need to be shouted about. 

We can help you define successful go-to-market strategies, which will encompass all relevant online channels and touch all your customer segments, from newbies to old timers. And if your launch is across multiple markets, we will tailor the programmes to cater for cultural differences whilst maintaining a high level of consistency.


Community management strategy


Are you looking to build a vibrant online community around your products or services but don’t know where to start?

We have experience managing online communities across different markets and cultures and can help you define a strategy tailored to your specific needs. We can also help you establish the resources which will make it a success in the longer term.

If your strategy is ironed out and you need help at a more operational level, take a look at our 'execution and delivery' services.  And if you are a small business, find out how we can support you in our small businesses section