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We understand that small businesses face specific challenges at certain points in their lifecycle.

You may have a unique idea but lack the experience or confidence to translate it into a successful online business.  

Perhaps your business is gaining traction and showing promising potential, but has not yet secured the funding to permanently hire the senior talent you need. 

Or you may be the creative brain behind the business, but find that your time gets consumed dealing with day-to-day operations, instead of driving its growth.  


Our flexible services mean you can benefit from our experience exactly when you need it, for as little or as long as you need it. We won't burden you with long term commitments, so you can stay in control of your spending and headcount. 


Here are some examples of the support we can provide:

  • Business planning : we can assist you in the early days to help tranform your idea into a tangible business.  We will help you with setting up the business, preparing a solid business plan, and planning its future growth.

  • Operational support : as the business grows, we will give you the breathing space you need to concentrate your efforts where they matter most. We will work alongside you and take over some of the tasks preventing you from focusing on what you do best.  We can help set up more efficient processes to allow you to scale, and come back at regular intervals to keep things under control.  


  • Ad-hoc projects : we can partner with you for a set period of time to help you resolve specific problems such as website conversion, team structure and organisation, growth and expansion planning, opportunities assessment, business case preparation, and more. And when the pace is particularly hectic, we can come on board to deliver projects you may not have the skills, time or resources to see through to completion. So your business isn't left behind. 

    For more details on how we can help any business, why not take a look at the 'strategic planning services' and 'execution and delivery services' we offer.