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South of guangshan road, niutianling village group, xinjie village committee, luoyang town, boluo county, huizhou city, guangdong province

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Dongming chemical co., LTD. Was established in 2005, specializing in the development and sales of high-end environmental protection new chemical materials, is a leading brand in the field of high-end environmental protection coatings and metal surface treatment agents (industrial cleaning) in China.

The company is committed to replacing the existing UV curable coatings, plastic coatings, metal coatings, rubber coatings with polymer environmental friendly nano materials. All kinds of metal surface treatment agent series environmental protection cleaning agent, activator, leather film agent, passivating agent, paint remover, chemical polishing fluid and additives and other industries to provide customers with professional solutions and technical support products are widely used in aviation, high-speed rail industry, automotive, electronics, plastic, hardware, IT and other industries. At present, the company has an industrial park covering an area of about 56 mu, in which there is a seven-storey office building, five class a workshops, two class a warehouses and one class c warehouse, 10 chemical solvent tanks stored underground (reserves of 500 tons) and a research and development building under construction.