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The online world evolves quickly, changes constantly, and demands ongoing adaptation from all businesses. Headcount and budgets need to expand and contract to respond efficiently. Flexibility is key.


We can offer you that flexibility. We will step in and provide an extra pair of hands when needed, working with your team to deliver against your goals.  We will stay for as short or long a period as you need us to. And when our work is completed, we'll just go, no hard feelings.


Whether you have a key project to deliver but lack the internal resources to do so, a new idea that needs to be developed and no bandwidth to dedicate to ‘thinking time’, or a need for specific skills and expertise which you are not in a position to hire on a permanent basis, we can come on board for a set period of time (or on a retainer basis) and simply help you deliver.


Examples of areas we can assist with at an operational level include:


Interim assignments (including at managerial level)


Have you lost critical talent in your team? Perhaps headcount constraints are preventing you from backfilling the role, or the recruitment process is taking longer than anticipated.

We can join your team and bring in the skills you have lost for as long or as little as you need us to. So projects don’t get delayed, impact on team morale is limited, and you can continue focusing on driving your business or department forward until the ideal candidate is found.


Senior operational support


Your business or department may be moving at a higher pace than usual, putting pressure on yourself and your team. Perhaps you could do with some breathing space to focus on what you do best, and let someone with the right experience take over some of the responsibilities?

We can provide that extra bandwidth and help you keep things operating smoothly during these particularly demanding times. We can support you for a set period of time or on a retainer basis (so you regularly get that precious ‘thinking time’).


Support in defining team structures and roles


Your team structure might need to be revisited, perhaps it no longer suits the current demands of your business? We have experience defining structures across multiple territories and can help you devise a team structure that will best support your business.


Project delivery and underlying stakeholder management


Do you have an ever-growing list of projects which never seem to get delivered, no matter how critical they are? Do you need an extra resource to just get things done?

We can join your team, roll up our sleeves, work across functions and departments where needed, and simply help you deliver.


Assistance with fleshing out and quantifying concepts


Do some opportunities seem out of reach simply because you don’t have the ‘thinking time’ required to explore their value?

We will discuss these concepts, ideas, and business cases with you, understand the parameters within which your business operates, dive into the relevant metrics, and evaluate the benefit these opportunities might offer to your business. So you only discard opportunities when you know they won't move the dial.

If you need help at a more strategic level, take a look at our 'strategic planning' services.  And if you are a small business, find out how we can support you in our small businesses section