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About Us


e-nhance offers start-ups and small or larger businesses the flexibility to hire an experienced internet professional ‘on demand’ to help them pursue these all important opportunities they cannot afford to miss.


Today more than ever, ambitious businesses cannot afford to leave untapped potential on the table. Growing your business or department requires not only a knack for identifying unmissable opportunities, but also the ability to surround yourself with the talented team you need to turn this potential into a tangible contribution.

At e-nhance, we understand that running a business in the digital era requires an ability to adapt quickly.  Opportunities arise, teams change, headcount and budgets fluctuate. You need the flexibility to expand your resources at critical times, and take them back to base line when things are quieter.


Whatever the stage of your business, we complement your team by bringing in the skills and expertise it may be lacking, for as short or long a period as you need.  Our flexible, on-demand services fit in with your business’ specific needs, allowing you to stay in control of your spending and headcount.  So you get the benefit of an experienced internet professional, without the rigidity associated with employing a permanent, full-time resource.


We can help you look ahead, and plan strategically for the future or simply come on board to execute and deliver at an operational level. We will partner with your team to understand your needs and make your success our goal.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your business deliver its full digital potential, contact us today.

About Isabelle Griffith


Isabelle brings over 15 years of experience working for leading global online brands Amazon and Yahoo! in a variety of roles, preceded by 5 years spent in financial roles with companies such as AT&T, PwC and United Technologies Corporation.

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Prior to setting up, Isabelle was Director of Global Product Operations at Yahoo!, building and managing a team of 17 in multiple locations to drive the success of Yahoo!’s community-based products in 21 markets. Isabelle was part of the core leadership team who crafted and delivered a strategy that helped grow the user base from 100 million to over 200 million users in just 3 years.

Through her career, Isabelle has developed an understanding of online/e-commerce businesses end-to-end, from customer journeys and engagement programmes, to merchandising and pricing strategies, monetisation, product roadmaps, go-to-market strategy and plans, website optimisation and international operations.

Her expertise lies in Product Marketing, Community Management,
Digital and Product Strategy, Team Building and Organisation, and Global operations.

Isabelle is bilingual English / French and all our services can be offered in either language.

For more information, you can view Isabelle's LinkedIn profile here.