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e-nhance enables start-ups, small or larger businesses to seize and deliver critical opportunities by offering them the expertise of an experienced internet professional 'on demand'.

Whether you have lost a critical member of your team, need help taking your small business to the next level, or lack the bandwidth required to turn opportunities into tangible results, we will effectively fill the gap you have in your business without a lengthy hiring process, the ongoing cost of a senior-level salary, or the pressure of a full-time resource which your business may not be in a position to absorb.  

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We have experience at strategic and operational levels, and pride ourselves in truly partnering with our clients to deliver against their goals.   Whether you need help looking forward and planning strategically for the future, or simply need an experienced pair of hands to deliver against key projects or priorities, you can trust us to be by your side.


Our commitment doesn’t stop at the delivery of a high level strategy (unless you want us to); we won’t shy away from rolling up our sleeves and working with your team to get things done.

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Today more than ever, ambitious businesses cannot  afford to leave untapped potential on the table. Growing your business or department requires not only a knack for identifying unmissable opportunities,  but also the ability to surround  yourself with the talented team you need to turn this potential into a tangible  contribution.


At e-nhance, we understand that ...


There are times when resource constraints prevent your business from moving forward. But who can afford to stand still in today's fast paced environment?


Do you want to 'digitalise' your business, embrace the potential offered by the internet and leverage social media but aren't sure where to start?

Are you looking to enhance your e-commerce...

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Whether you are a start-up, small or larger business, we provide a range of services to suit your needs. From strategic planning to operational support, and services tailored to small businesses, we will make your goals ours and strive to help you reach your business' full potential.